Jõelähtme VI MTB marathon Rules

1. Competition

1.1 Jõelähtme´s VI MTB marathon (further as JRM) is hardest one lap MTB competition held in Northern Estonia on the trails of Jõelähtme´s parish.
1.2 Also short-distance ride, ride for youngsters and kids are held.

2. When and where

2.1 JRM takes place on Saturday 28th of April 2012 with start and finish at Jõelähtme village (25 km from Tallinn).
2.2 Start of marathon is at 11.00.
2.3 Start of short-distance ride is at 11:15.
2.4 Start of youngsters ride is at 11:30.
2.5 Start of kids ride is at 11:40.
2.6 Finish will be closed at 18:00.

3. Distances

3.1 Marathon is ca 80 km long one lap ride. It is competition, where result and standings will be recorded.
3.2 Short-distance is ca 40 km long ride which is not a competition, but the result will be recorded.
3.3 Youngsters ride is 12 km long competition, where result and standings will be recorded.
3.4 Kids ride is non-competition ride for 1 km.

4. Which distance to choose…

4.1 Marathon is for competitors who are born 1994 or earlier and are enough prepared to ride.
4.2 Short-distance is for riders who are born 1997 or earlier. Younger riders can participate only with parent permission.
4.3 Youngsters ride is for competitors who are born from 1998 to 2004. Older riders can participate as out of competition (their result will be recorded but standing is not). Riders born later than 2004 can participate only with adult accompany.
4.4 Kids ride is for children born 2005 or later.

5. How to participate

5.1 Registration will be opened on 1st of March 2012.
5.2 Registration of participates is held on the site www.sportinfo.ee.
5.3 Also it is possible to pass registration on the site of the organizer (www.singel.ee) by filling the registration form.
5.4 Participation will be approved after registration-fee is paid.
5.5 Youngster and kids ride registration is only through the site of the organizer (www.singel.ee) by filling the registration form.
5.6 Registration with lower fee is possible until 25th of April 2012 incl.
5.7 Also it is possible to make registration on the race day in the Jõelähtme´s Community Center until 10:30 a.m.
5.8 Best three competitors from 2011 EMS seasonal standing or from Kodasoo-Ruu ride participate at JRM free of charge.
5.9 Paricipation fees for JRM 2012


Registration with lower fee until

Registration on the race day


20 EUR

30 EUR



15 EUR

Youngster and kids rides

Free of charge

Free of charge

* Youngsters born 1994 and later will have right to take part of short-distance ride free of charge only if the registration is made until 25th of April. They have to fill the registration form on the site of organizer (www.singel.ee). At the race day the registration fee is similar to all short-distance participants.

5.10 Participants can order event T-shirt by 10 EUR fee. Order can be provided by the registration form at the organizer site www.singel.ee.

6. Awards

6.1 6 best standing man and women competitors will receive awards.
6.2 Award ceremony takes place at 16:00.

7. Important to know

7.1 Participants will have signed track, number, service-points on the track and in the finish, possibility to wash the bike in the finish.
7.2 All participants will take part at their own risk.
7.3 To wear the helmet is obligatory to all participants. Without it it is prohibited to participate. Riders who will end wearing the helmet during the race will be disqualified from the race.
7.4 Public roads are opened during the race. Participants must follow traffic rules of Estonia and signs of traffic regulator. If the rules will be ignored participant will be disqualified.
7.5 Transport for the DNF participants from service points to finish will be provided if it is necessary.
7.6 As most of the track passes through heritage reserve of Rebala it is prohibited to leave garbage on the track. Participants can leave garbage at the service points.
7.7 Organizer of the JRM is MTÜ Jõelähtme matka- ja rattaklubi (Muri 3, Jõelähtme, Jõelähtme parish, 74202 Harju county, reg nr.80247542) represented by Meelis Välk +372 50 99 426, e-mail flash@singel.ee.

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